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let there be bi


Sex is not only about straight sex, there should be gay, lesbian and bisexual options too if you want to improve

Anonymous 16 April, 2011

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Brilliant idea! This is in our future plans.

max deleske
18 April, 2011 18:40

Personally, I would love to see some lesbian sex in the game. Perhaps give female characters options for things like strap-ons, tribadism, and stuff with double-ended dildos and what-not.

You could also implement pegging, allowing a female character to penetrate a male character. Of course if you go down this route you're also going to maybe want to implement full-blown femdom, but that's not a bad thing.

Christopher Fowler
19 November, 2011 00:02

when will the update be ???

alexandra torres
21 November, 2011 17:47

This sounds good.

david not real
22 February, 2012 23:40

i like the lesbian/bi part

gerjan alons
11 December, 2012 09:50

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